2017, In The Garden

Homegrown Peaches Are The Best!

In January 2016, I’ve picked up a peach tree from the nursery. I grew up with fruit trees in my grandparents’ yard. And I wanted a fruit tree in my yard. It was a decision between apple and peach. But since apple trees, need a buddy for cross pollination, I need to wait until my Bradford Pear trees are done for it. But this might take another five to ten years. In the meantime, I can grow some peaches.

When I came home with the tree. Kevin helped me digging a hole for the roots, before I sat the tree on its permanent spot. The first year we had five peaches growing. Mr. Squirrel seemed to like peaches as well. He shared with us. But it wasn’t really in proportion as we hoped for. He got four peaches. We got one peach, which we had to split in four. 😀

So, this year we were smarter. Once we caught Mr. Squirrel picking a peach, we went out there and took five of the seven peaches. We left him one more peach. In the house, I sat the peaches on the counter to let them finish ripen. And today, I finally cut the peaches open. Kevin, Katelynn, Sara and I enjoyed them as they were desserts. There is nothing better, than fresh grown fruit out of the own garden.

Homegrown peaches from the tree I planted last year.

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