It Has Been One Year …

… since Ranger walked across the rainbow bridge. Unfortunately, yesterday’s event over shadows today. He was one of the best dogs, someone could imagine. I miss the moments, when I was sad, he walked over to me, sat down and put his paw on my knee. As he wanted to say: “Hey now, this is only a little hick up in life. We will fix it together. Just pet and hug me, and you will feel better already.” Ranger, I wish you would put your paw on my knee, today. I really miss hugging you. But I also know, Finley needs you to guide him on his way for getting his wings. You have a big purpose up there, right now. Don’t get mad at Finley, when he wants to sniff your bones. He’s just a curious cat, which wants to know, what makes these bones so interesting ย for you to chew. Finley won’t take them away from you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope you both have a wonderful day, sitting on a cloud together and talking about the good old days, when you both chased rabbits together. โค


Ranger in Spring 2008. He loves his tennis ball.

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