2017, In The Garden

Trumpet Vine

When we first moved into our house, there were about five trumpet vine plants lined up on one side along the fence. It looked pretty, but also made a big mess. These plants, when not taking care of by someone, who knows how to trim them, will be very invasive. By Autumn, they begin to self-seed. And the following Spring there will be a lot of little trumpet vine plants all over the yard (which btw will be hard to pull out of the ground, because their roots are rooting very deep).

Last year our neighbor and Kevin got so sick of trumpet vines, while mowing the lawns. We decided to get rid of them. It also meant, my little hummingbirds might not come around as much as they used to visit. I planted some red salvia and fire bush for my hummers a couple of years, ago. There is still plenty of nectar for them in Spring thru Autumn. But the trumpets were always the attracting flowers, before these little birds realized, there is more variety in our yard.

My neighbor still has trumpet vines on the other side of the fence, bordering his neighbor. So, sometimes I sneak a peek, if I can see some bumble bees and hummingbirds near the blossoms. Last night, I wasn’t lucky with either. But I could capture some photos of the trumpets themselves.

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