R.I.P. “Summer Escape” Pool #1 (2014 – 2017)

Three years ago, I was tired of the operation hours at our local water park. And my girls also love to go swimming, when the sun sets. So after a little bit of talking, I convinced Kevin to purchase a pop-up pool for the backyard. The pools themselves are inexpensive. It’s usually the smaller things around them, which adds up. But it’s not a big deal for us. We knew what we were doing, when we decided to buy this pool.

Once the pool was set up, Katelynn and Sara had a blast in it. I had a hard time to get them back out of the pool. And during the Summer break, the pool was used daily, weather permitting. When school was back in session, Kevin dismantled it and stored it in a plastic box inside the garage.

Katelynn and Sara had a blast in their new pool, back in Summer 2014.

After we came back from our New York vacation, Kevin set the pool up again this year. The girls enjoyed the pool for a week. Well, life doesn’t come without a little hick-up here and there. And yesterday, the pool broke on it’s seam on the bottom. We didn’t noticed it, until the next morning, when the pool was empty and the lawn was saturated from the water. Kevin and I looked at the break and discussed what would be the best option. He said, “If it was a tear in the middle, we could fix it. But, at the seam …??!” “The pool was less than $90. It might be cheaper to get a new one, instead looking for a new tarp”, I replied. Kevin agreed, looked online and found the same size pool even cheaper. He went to the store and got it for another 20% off. Ha! Now, Kevin has to put the new pool up. And life will be good, again. But first, we go out to see good live music and watch some fireworks.

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