“♫ ♬ Take Me Out To The Ballgame … ♫ ♬”

Since we go to another game (Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles) at the ballpark today, I wanted to post a blog I wrote on a different page last year. I love ballgames. It is nice to relax, watching a good and game and hear the guy screaming: “Hotdogs!”, in the ballpark. 😉

August 28, 2016

Today, I celebrate another birthday. Since I enjoy watching local sport teams, Kevin (my husband) went with the girls and me to the Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians baseball game. This is our second game we visited of this season. The first game, we visited about four weeks earlier at the End of July.

The game of the Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians begins in the Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas.

The Sun was high in the sky; the game went on; and all of a sudden Kevin was holding a baseball in his hands. 😀 Kevin lost some weight over the last months. His fingers got a little bit thinner. And the anniversary ring was flying, while catching the ball. But the ring was found by a lady two rows down, a little bit later. Oh, thank goodness! Because, this was a scary moment. Kevin handed the ball to Katelynn. And now she’s the owner of a baseball played by the Texas Rangers.

Katelynn is the proud owner of a baseball played by the Texas Rangers.

What a day to spend my birthday in the ballpark. 😉

Here is the video, which shows what happened in the ballgame, before Rougned Odor threw the ball in the stand, and Kevin caught it:



July 30, 2017

Texas Ranger Adrian Beltre Joins The 3000 Hits Club

Today, we witnessed a milestone: Adrian Beltre had his 3000th hit in his baseball career. He’s the 31st MLB player to reach this milestone.

The videos can be found here in an article of The Washington Post:




Happy 1st Adoption Anniversary, Luis!🐕🎉

Luis, our Boxer/Pug/(?) mix, came into our family one year ago. After Ranger crossed the rainbow bridge, Lexi was mourning and therefore not eating anything other than living of two milkbones per day. Well, that’s no diet for a Sheltie in the long run. Katelynn, Sara and I went to the town’s shelter to look at some dogs. The dog we saw online, was already adopted in the early morning. A shelter volunteer pointed out a dog named “Bill”. I said, I wanted to take a look at him. Katelynn, Sara and I walked him around for a little bit, before we decided to take him home with us. After he was adopted, we changed his name into “Luis”.

Now one year later, Luis grew as a great member into our family. He is a very loyal pup. And we could not think being without him. He drives us crazy with his barks, and still trying to plow through the fence, when he sees the dogs in the neighbor’s yard. 😉 But we love him dearly. He enjoys to roll in the grass and take a sun bath. And he loves to help Momma (me) in the garden. ❤

Here is the story, when Luis became a part of our family: https://underthepecantreephotography.com/2017/02/05/my-pets-part-vi/

2017, In The Garden

Widow Skimmer Dragonfly

It is almost the end of July. At this time of the year, we usually have three or four dragonflies flying around in our backyard. They find themselves a nice narrow surface to rest on it. Usually they’ll sit on wilted grass, tomato cage frames, branches, small sticks, etc. Our pool seems to attract them as well. And sometimes, I see them diving right onto the water surface. This Widow Skimmer rests on a green onion, and keeps an eye out for those mockingbirds. Dragonflies are on the mockingbird’s menu. It’s the circle of life. But the very next day, I have another four dragonflies visiting my backyard. So it is all good.


The Doe At The Colony Shoreline Trail

A few years back I told Kevin, I will go to The Colony Shoreline Trail to look for some deer. Someone tipped me off about a certain area, where I would find some deer activity at sundown. At that night in mid July, I wanted to see for myself and capture some photos. On the way out, I said: “Honey, I will hunt for deer tonight!” Kevin laughed: “Yeah, shooting with your camera?” “Yep, exactly”, I replied.

At the trail, I looked for some evidence. It didn’t take long, until I found deer tracks. I hid behind a bush several feet away from the deer tracks and waited … and waited … and waited. The sun was setting, and I didn’t want to give it too much longer. It felt a little bit spooky, being out there by myself. All of a sudden, I hear something and saw a bush moving across from the creek. I tried to stay as calm as I could to keep my breath low. And then there she was: a doe was standing right in the open. Of course, the wind was blowing in her direction. It was too easy to spot me. Mrs. Doe looked at me for a little while, long enough that I could capture a few photos. And then she jumped back behind the secure bushes. That was it. But I’ve got what I wanted that night. Another night I found out, why she was so hesitant. She had two bambis with her.

Arriving back at home, Kevin was resting on the couch. “Honey, I shot a deer tonight.” He looked surprised at me: “You’ve got that deer?” “Yep, I did get it,” I answered proudly. “Wow! First night out and caught it, huh?!” he said. I sat down on the couch, and looked at the pictures with him.

A doe at The Colony Shoreline Trail (July 2014)
2017, In The Garden

Velvet Leaf/Indian Mallow

In one of my pots is a plant growing, which I couldn’t figure out what it is. After some research and asking someone online, I finally got my answer: It is a Velvet Leaf. I have seen these plants sitting in corn fields before. So I wonder if the wind or a critter had a part in it, that a seed ended up in my pot. I probably will never know.

Velvet Leaf is native to South Asia. In China, it is grown for is jute-like fiber. The leaves are used for cooking. And the seeds can be consumed as well. In the 18th century, it was introduced to North America. Since Velvet Leaf likes rich soils, it can be mostly found in crop fields. The Velvet Leaf became very invasive, and is one of the most detrimental weeds to corn causing decreases. So, what’s good on one continent might be not so great on another. I guess, I have to take care of the seed pods, before the seeds will drop and causing a stink in the long run. 😉

2017, In The Garden

Blooms In My Frontyard In July

Last night, we had a thunderstorm coming through North Texas. Sometimes, wind gusts went over 50 mph. It brought some cooler air with it, which was so appreciated this morning. The temperatures were more comfortable in the lower 70s, than in the muggy mid 80s. This was a good opportunity to sent Katelynn and Sara out to clean the pool in the backyard. The storm dropped quite few leaves in the water. The pool had to be taken care off, before algae set in, and we have a perfect habitat for mosquitos.

Since the Texas heat is relentless at this time of the year, the plants were happy to get some good amount of water as well. Between some brown (that’s due to me neglecting my frontyard a little bit lately), I have some flowers blooming in the frontyard. My crape myrtle began to bloom, while I was down with a virus, last week. It was a welcome sight, after being in bed for a few days. ❤ And I’m happy, the milkweed began to bloom as well. Soon, the Monarch butterfly will be on its way south, again. My yard will be a good rest area for the Monarch Highway. 😉