Lewisville Lake Spillway 2015

This is the second part of the story, when we had the flood two years ago. Six days after I went to Stewart Creek Park to see how much Lewisville Lake has flooded its surrounding shores, the time was here when the lake reached the 532-foot mark. The water began to spill over, created a creek, which was flowing into the Elm Fork Trinity River. By May 30, 2015 the lake had reach its peak at exactly 537 feet above sea level. This means, it was 15 feet above the normal pool, and five feet above the spillway:

May 24, 2015

The moment is finally here: The water of Lewisville Lake goes over the spillway for the last few hours. Since Lake Ray Roberts is releasing 600 cubic more water per second out of its gate (7000 cubic/sec.) than the gate (6400 cubic/sec.) does at Lewisville Lake, plus the recent rain falls of the last couple of days, it was only a matter of time, before the last foot of the 532-feet mark was reached to make the lake spill over. Now all this water, which flows over the spillway, establishes a creek of its own designed to flow into the Elm Fork Trinity River south of the lake dam.

It helps to release some of the water, which comes dangerously close to the homes near the lakes. More rainfalls are also in the forecast. Let’s hope the lakes are not rising too much higher as their current levels.


At the time I captured the photo, the water was going over the spillway for about two hours.


All the precious water from Lewisville Lake goes over the spillway into a creek, which flows into the Elm Fork Trinity River south of the lake dam.