2017, In The Garden

The Chaste/Vitex Tree

Do you remember, when I was blogging about my vitex tree, relocating it to a different spot after I had it for two years? Because it had to make room for my dogwood tree, I planted the tree on the west side of our driveway.

Two and a half months later, the vitex is back in bloom. All these purple little blossoms are appearing in the second half of May, now. And it seems that it didn’t hurt the tree, when I moved it to a different location. I’m very happy for it. I also pointed out a vitex tree to Sara in the neighborhood on the way home from school, today. I said to her: “If our tree makes it, it can be about this tall.” She looked at a 15-foot tree and replied: “Wow, that’s a nice big tree. I like the purple flowers!”

The vitex is blooming, again.


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