The Lewisville Lake Flood 2015

It’s been two years, that I came to the Shoreline Trail and saw it flooded from all the rain we had due to El Niño. Back then, I also captured some photos and wrote a blog about it:

May 18, 2015

Today I wanted to see, how high the water level is at Lewisville Lake. Wow, it is much higher than I thought it might be. Due to all the rain, lots of areas of the Shoreline Trail are flooded. The city had to close it.

El Niño brings us a lot of water for the last several weeks. Since Lake Ray Roberts and Lewisville Lake are connected by the Elm Fork River, all the water that floods the area of Lake Ray Roberts needs to go somewhere. It runs south through the river into Lewisville Lake, which has the flood gate open to release all this extra water. But it takes time to get the lakes back to their “normal” levels.

The anglers, fishers, and wild birds are very happy with the high water levels. Maybe the killdeer was out of luck, and its nest got flooded as well. But the water brings lots of fishes closer to the shore, and they are an easy catch. The boat owners take the time to fix up their boats for the season. I heard some drilling by the pier. They also have more space in the lake, and don’t have to worry to run on shore as easy as when we have drought season with low lake levels.

And there is still more rain in the forecast for this week.