First Cherry ‘Maters

In the past I learned to pick my tomatoes early and then let them finish ripen in the house for a few days to a week. It depends on the stage, I pick them. My grandmother used to pick tomatoes, when they just started to go from green to slightly yellow. Then she put them in a plastic bowl, covered them with a kitchen towel and waited until they had their nice red color. The reason for that, if she let them ripen until they turned red, the bugs, birds or little critter would have gotten to them.

So, I looked at my little cherry tomatoes this morning. And they had this yellowish color. I just had to slightly touch their stems, and they came off easy. The rest of the tomatoes probably take another couple of days, before I can pick some more. They will make good snacks or end up in a salad. There is nothing more tasty than fresh fruits and veggies straight out of a garden. Yummy! ❤