How Mr. Squirrel Got Breakfast This Morning

While working on my daily picture posting on Facebook, I saw Mr. Squirrel coming down the tree. And I knew exactly, what caught his attention: It was the terracotta dish full of bird seeds. Luis, Joshua and Chewbacca watched every move the squirrel made in the backyard. Luis and Chewbacca are fascinated with everything, which moves in the yard. And they both love to chase, whatever it is that moves. Joshua, on the other hand, just wanted to go outside. He can meow for hours, until he gets what he wants.

Mr. Squirrel saw the dog and the two cats behind the patio door. And he decided not to go all the way down to the ground. He needed a plan, how he could reach that plate. The closest spot was at least four to four and a half feet away, which was the front right corner of the dog house. Moving his bushy tail from side to side, he jumped right into the dish. Startled from the seeds moving around, he jumped right back to the corner of the dog house. The squirrel looked back and saw, that the plate was still sitting on the chair. He was planning another move. In the meantime, I had my camera with the settings ready for the perfect jump into the plate full of seeds. Haha, Mr. Squirrel did it again. And this time, he munched several seeds before he jumped back on the dog house, climbed in the tree to get to the top of the fence. Victory for the squirrel! “Ha! I got some seeds, and the pets didn’t get me! Not this time!”


The squirrel jumps from the corner of the dog house right into the dish full of bird seeds.