My April Garden

April is almost over, and the garden seems to do well. It could do a little bit better. But we had a few cooler nights this months. I guess the garden teaches me patience again, as it has done in the past years as well. Here is what’s going on in our garden this April:

  • Last year, I have sown some bachelor buttons. When they were done blooming, I collected the seeds. Some must have fallen to the ground or they self-seeded. Today, the first “button” started to bloom.
  • The Autumn sage it’s showing itself from the most beautiful side. Every day, more blossoms bloom next to the greenhouse.
  • The peach tree is doing good. So far I counted six peaches. That’s one more from last year. I just hope, the pesky squirrel is staying away from them. I can hope, right?! 😉
  • The green onions are in bloom and have visitors pollinating them. They probably will go to seed soon.
  • Earlier this week I’ve noticed, we have some bush beans growing. This is very exciting. The last couple of years, I wasn’t so lucky with beans at all. I don’t know, if the excessive rain had a part of it. But I’m happy to see beans growing, again.
  • Picking snow peas daily became a ritual this month. I have five plants growing in the Garden. And so far I’ve got almost a whole sandwich bag full of snow peas. Every time I pick them, they go in the freezer immediately. Kevin and the girls can’t wait until I make a meal out of them.

This sums it up for April. May is just around the corner. Hopefully, the weather will get warmer and the warm season crop starts to thrive in that weather. I’m also planning on getting a nicer butterfly/hummingbird sanctuary done around the greenhouse within the next few months. Stay tuned! I will blog more about it, later.