The Pagan Origins of Easter


Happy Easter!

Spring throughout history has been a time of rebirth and renewal. It is the time that the Earth is full of life as trees start to bud and flowers start to bloom. Animals wake from hibernation. Farmers plant seeds for the coming harvest. Easter itself is a different date every year, because it is determined by the Spring Equinox. It is always on the first Sunday after the Full Moon of the Spring Equinox. The Goddess Eostre was resurrected from death in the Spring. Her symbols where the Egg which represented rebirth and new life. Her other symbol was the rabbit/hare which represented fertility. Easter is in effect the rebirth of the Sun in Spring.

Resource: Wiccan Teachings


Sweet Easter Poem

As the cold and grey winter days
Give way, to the bright and beautiful spring …
You know it’s time for you to hear,
The Easter bells ring!
The birds are chirping,
The bunnies are out,
There are Easter Eggs all around!
There is happiness in the air,
And a warmth in your heart to stay with you,
All through the year!

Happy Easter!