♫♪… The Lion Sleeps Tonight …♪♫

A friend of mine is visiting with her family from Germany. Every time she comes to Texas, we spend a day together. Since my girls had no school, we decided to go to the Fort Worth Zoo, today. Our kids had a blast. They also enjoyed learning German and English from one another.

When I go to the Fort Worth Zoo, I always have to visit the lions. They are just plain out my favorite animals. And when “Simba” performs his mighty ROOOAAAR, I’m in 7th heaven. There is nothing more majestic than a roaring male lion. Today, we came to their exhibit, and they all were just taking a nap. “Simba” snoozed on his back like he have no a care in the world. There was no ROOOAAAR for me, this time. But I’m happy to see the lions in a relaxed mood.