April Showers (Storms) Bring May Flowers ☁☔

After a humid weekend, we finally got some rain coming into North Texas. While I’m writing this, we already have past the first round of storms. But there is another one to come. It is quiet and peaceful, right now.  I just hope, the next one doesn’t have as many close lightning strikes as the first one did.

But when it started to rain, I used the opportunity to sit on my front porch and capture pictures of my elephant ears, while the water dripped on their leaves. I always enjoy the sound of the dripping and the water flowing off the leaves to the plants surrounding the elephant ear.

Since the lightning and thundering became more and louder, I got to my car, drove to the elementary school and waited in line for Sara’s school pick up, early. I had my camera with me and shot some photos of the rain droplets rolling down the wind shield. That’s one way to sit through the storm. 😉

Katelynn and Sara are safe at home, now. The enchilada sauce with pork was simmering in the slow cooker all afternoon. And the rice is boiling on the stove. Dinner is almost ready to eat, before the next line of storms coming in. We are under storm watch until 11pm, tonight. Sigh!