Beltane Poem


Blessed Beltane!


May day brings a startling sight
Lambs all giddy, skip with delight
Bees are buzzing around the flower
Bunnies hopping in and out the bower

The God and Goddess now are one
the time for mating has now come
The days grow longer, a shorter night
Time to bask in the Sun King’s light

Join in the fun, dance and sing
Forget the cares that worries bring
Now is the time to leap the fire
And attain what you truly desire

Wicker men are set up high
Burnt to send wishes to the sky
May Queens paraded through the town
White hawthorn flower adom the gown

Dancing round the maypole faster
Children prone, in fits of laughter
Ribbons of red and of white
Symbolism of the sacred rite

Beltane brings the passion to grow
To reap the benefits of seeds we sow
Beltane blessings to each one
Blessings from the God of Sun

by Raven Willow Rune

How Mr. Squirrel Got Breakfast This Morning

While working on my daily picture posting on Facebook, I saw Mr. Squirrel coming down the tree. And I knew exactly, what caught his attention: It was the terracotta dish full of bird seeds. Luis, Joshua and Chewbacca watched every move the squirrel made in the backyard. Luis and Chewbacca are fascinated with everything, which moves in the yard. And they both love to chase, whatever it is that moves. Joshua, on the other hand, just wanted to go outside. He can meow for hours, until he gets what he wants.

Mr. Squirrel saw the dog and the two cats behind the patio door. And he decided not to go all the way down to the ground. He needed a plan, how he could reach that plate. The closest spot was at least four to four and a half feet away, which was the front right corner of the dog house. Moving his bushy tail from side to side, he jumped right into the dish. Startled from the seeds moving around, he jumped right back to the corner of the dog house. The squirrel looked back and saw, that the plate was still sitting on the chair. He was planning another move. In the meantime, I had my camera with the settings ready for the perfect jump into the plate full of seeds. Haha, Mr. Squirrel did it again. And this time, he munched several seeds before he jumped back on the dog house, climbed in the tree to get to the top of the fence. Victory for the squirrel! “Ha! I got some seeds, and the pets didn’t get me! Not this time!”


The squirrel jumps from the corner of the dog house right into the dish full of bird seeds.

My April Garden

April is almost over, and the garden seems to do well. It could do a little bit better. But we had a few cooler nights this months. I guess the garden teaches me patience again, as it has done in the past years as well. Here is what’s going on in our garden this April:

  • Last year, I have sown some bachelor buttons. When they were done blooming, I collected the seeds. Some must have fallen to the ground or they self-seeded. Today, the first “button” started to bloom.
  • The Autumn sage it’s showing itself from the most beautiful side. Every day, more blossoms bloom next to the greenhouse.
  • The peach tree is doing good. So far I counted six peaches. That’s one more from last year. I just hope, the pesky squirrel is staying away from them. I can hope, right?! 😉
  • The green onions are in bloom and have visitors pollinating them. They probably will go to seed soon.
  • Earlier this week I’ve noticed, we have some bush beans growing. This is very exciting. The last couple of years, I wasn’t so lucky with beans at all. I don’t know, if the excessive rain had a part of it. But I’m happy to see beans growing, again.
  • Picking snow peas daily became a ritual this month. I have five plants growing in the Garden. And so far I’ve got almost a whole sandwich bag full of snow peas. Every time I pick them, they go in the freezer immediately. Kevin and the girls can’t wait until I make a meal out of them.

This sums it up for April. May is just around the corner. Hopefully, the weather will get warmer and the warm season crop starts to thrive in that weather. I’m also planning on getting a nicer butterfly/hummingbird sanctuary done around the greenhouse within the next few months. Stay tuned! I will blog more about it, later.

Beautiful April Morning


The sky looks dramatic this morning. (04-27-2017)

After the storm yesterday, the sun is very welcomed this morning. It fell so good, getting Sara to school and seeing our big star rising in the sky. Still in the 50s (11ºC), it still feels warmer than it was yesterday. The wind came down, and the sun tries to poke through the clouds every so often. We are expecting 77ºF (25ºC) for this afternoon. Yeah, it definitely will be a beautiful April day.

Windy & Cool Spring Day

Woken up from loud thunder, I tried to get to my car this morning. But when I was standing in front of my house door, the lightning was so close and bright. It scared me going out there. I waited until the storm moved on a little bit and the rain came in. Since then, the wind is blowing strong and it got much cooler. Yesterday, we had 87ºF (31ºC). This morning when I woke up, we had 73ºF (23ºC). And now, it’s only 57ºF (14ºC). That’s a strong temperature decline from yesterday. Today, I don’t really want to be outside. After I fed the wild birds, I came right back into my house. I live in Texas! – Bring on the heat! 😉


Ackaturbo and Pimboli have to hold on to Diddl in this wind. 😉

Picture Credit: Thomas Goletz &

My Beautiful Spring Flower Garden

This afternoon, I looked at some photos of my garden from the past years. The photo below is one of my favorites, which I captured two years ago. Everything looks so refreshing. I had penstemon, pentas, milkweed, columbine, rosemary, some vegetable plants and more. This year, it doesn’t look so pretty. Oh boy, I have a lot of work ahead of me.


Spring blooms in front of my greenhouse (May 2015)

Hiking Along The Creek

The weather was perfect for a little hike along the creek, before sunset this evening. Now, since the grass is freshly mowed, it is easier to walk. I can see, where I’m stepping around. And I can see the snakes better, again. The guys, who mowed this area left a little nature strip at the shoreline of the creek. At this time of the year, the wildflowers are beautiful. And I saw an egret fly over-head to return back to the lake. I also heard some frogs croaking, but no luck seeing them. It was a little bit to dark to hunt for these amphibians.