Spring Storms In North Texas

Well, well, well! Last night we had a storm with isolated tornadoes and up to softball-size hail coming through parts of North Texas. While Mother Nature had a tantrum north and southwest of Dallas/Fort Worth, it was quiet in the two big cities. According to the weather report, there was a tornado touchdown by Justin, TX. A big cell produced hail. And when it arrived here in The Colony, we still got the most southern tip of the cell with high winds and golfball-size hail.

After the storm passed, we all checked for damages. The neighbors across the street lost a good portion of their ornamental tree, due to the high wind. The neighbor next door from them helped to cut down some branches, so they could move the big parts of the tree out of the street. This afternoon, he has more work to do to cut the branches in smaller pieces. It will be easier for the waste management workers to pick up the tree limps beginning of next week.

We were luckier on our side of the street. But at this morning, we noticed a few dings in the cars. They are very small. We are happy, the windshields didn’t get hit hard and the house roof looks fine. The greenhouse and the garden must have gotten protected by the neighbors house, the fence, and our trees in the backyard.


One of the two dings I found on the van.

It was scary. And we are glad it is over, until the next storm comes in our direction. ☔⚡💦