Texas Bluebonnet

It’s this time of year again, when parents and pet owners capture photos of their little ones and puppies in the Bluebonnet fields. Right now, bluebonnets are blooming all over the prairies of Texas. And since it is the state flower of our great Lone Star State, a lot of people are excited to see them bloom.

At this morning, I drove to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. The wind blew strong. But I found with my camera a way around it. The right settings, and the wind has nothing against my Nikon and me. 😉 Before I made a left turn into the park, I saw a sea of bluebonnets showing themselves from their most beautiful side. The Sun did the other part to make them look good out there. Every time I see a field like this, I wish I could role in it. But I would be in big trouble. The cops would kick my butt; a snake could bite me in my rear end; or a bee could sting me, by confusing me for a flower. So, I will keep photographing them. And others can still enjoy them, when I left. 😉