Vitex And Dogwood

Well, over two weeks ago I got a Dogwood tree from the nursery. I was all excited and planted it in frontyard. After some thinking, I realized that my Vitex tree and the new Dogwood are planted way too close together. When they grow taller and wider, they will be in one another’s way. So, I dug a new hole to relocate the Vitex on the other side of our driveway. First I was very concerned, if the tree will make it. After the Vitex was relocated, fertilized and taken care off, I dug the Dogwood up and planted it in the middle of the frontyard. That way it has plenty of space to stretch its branches in all directions.

Today, I looked at both trees. And so far I’m very satisfied. The Vitex tree began to bud the next day, and now it has a lot of healthy green leaves. The Dogwood tree begins to wake up from its dormancy of Winter and grows the first leaves of this Spring. It looks like I made a good decision a couple of weeks, ago. 🙂