Relaxing Afternoon In My Garden

After bringing the van for a small repair into the dealership; spending more than two hours applying for passports in the Denton County Office (yes, it was very crowded); and running back to pick up the van at the dealership; I had a headache from this busy morning. Spending the afternoon in the garden, was the best way to get rid of it.

A few days ago, I bought some bamboo poles. Since I have plenty of time, I built a trellis myself today. And it is cheaper than buying a finished trellis. The snow peas become taller. And soon they will need support. When I was done, I sat down and looked at my beautiful vegetable plants. They have become a little bit bigger over the last few days.

I also made a discovery behind my greenhouse, today. Last year I put a clematis root in one of my raised bed crates. I was a little bit disappointed to see no plant last Summer. Finally this Spring a little plant peaks out of the bed of straw and leaves, left from last Autumn. Haha, I was very excited to see the little clematis. I think, I even danced in my garden a little bit. And I totally forgot about my headache. 😉