Blooms For The Fairies

I raided the nursery today, again. I need to find a good spot for them in the fairy garden Sara and her little friend, who lives across the street, believe that the little garden fairies will love the columbines and the scarlet sage. Every evening at sundown, both girls remind each other: “Pssst, quiet! We don’t want to startle the garden fairies. Let’s turn on the lights, so they can find their way home. And they will come home to a “party”. Look at the pretty flowers!” It is so stinking cute, hearing them talking so sweet and innocent. ❤


“Dandelions!!!” (1)

After breakfast, Kevin cleaned up the yard to get ready to mow the lawn. I told Sara to help Daddy to find all the dog land mines. 😉 But when she got outside, the dandelion got her full attention. I saw, how much she enjoyed blowing these little seeds off the stem. So, I took my camera and started shooting away. Now, she’s all happy the dandelion is all over the yard. I don’t know, if Kevin likes that so much in a couple of weeks when all the dandelion pops up everywhere.