My Edible Garden In March

Since Mrs. Rabbit and Mrs. Cottontail can’t hop into my raised beds anymore, the vegetables start to grow taller. They are good bunnies as long as they stay away from my vegetable garden.  There are plenty of other goodies to nibble on in the yard. But I can only imagine, how both lick their lips while looking through that chicken wire fence. Oh, look at all these good radishes, cabbages, lettuces, chards, and mustards. And there is no way to get to them. Every so often, I give these ladies a treat. And they seem to enjoy it.

My peach tree has more blossoms than last year. This is very good. There is a good chance, we’ll get more peaches this Summer. I’m debating, if I get one of these tree nets. I learned a valuable lesson last year: Squirrels love peaches as much as I do. I need to prevent them from stealing 80% of my peaches, again.

I also noticed, I have a lot of ladybugs in my yard this year. This is a good sign. When ladybugs come to the yard, it is a healthy environment. But it also means, there are plenty of food sources for them, which are bugs. Ladybugs are carnivores and enjoy eating aphids and scale insects. If they stick around all Summer, there might be a good chance that my milkweed will stay aphid-free this year.