Pusteblume ~ Dandelion

Pusteblume /Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Today, we have a really strong wind coming through Texas. It brings a warmer day with it. Temperatures should reach into the low to mid 80s here in the Metroplex.

But I still could manage to capture a photo of this dandelion, before the tiny little seed flew away into the distance to become another dandelion plant somewhere else. When a dandelion goes to seed, we call it “Pusteblume” in German. It means “blow flower”. As kids, we always used to pick them and blow off the seeds. Then we watched where the wind was dragging them, and where they landed. My grandpa was not very happy about it. He wanted a nice green lawn without these pesky dandelions. But I had a pet bunny, which enjoyed the fresh picked dandelion very much. So, before grandpa started mowing the lawn, I had to help him picking dandelions. And the rest, what the bunny couldn’t eat, ended up getting composted. Good old childhood memories! ❤

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