2017, In The Garden

Spring In Our Backyard

At this morning, Mrs. Rabbit was nibbling on some henbit. Yeah, that’s much better than nibbling on my cabbage, lettuce, and radishes. I was surprised, how close she let me come to her. She let me approach her to 2 feet distance between us, before she hopped away. Usually she does that, when she has her babies very close by. Maybe, I’m going on a nest search this afternoon. The grass and Spring weeds got pretty high. And Kevin mentioned, he wanted to mow the lawn this weekend. Looking for a bunny nest, might be a very good idea. 🌸🐰🌷

When Mrs. Rabbit was on the other side of the yard, I checked my trees for blooms. The Bradford Pear trees bloom for a few days, now. And my peach tree has some blossoms as well. Hmmm, I see peaches in the future. Unless the squirrel is not sharing well, again. He ate four of the five peaches last year. At the end, I split the last peach in four pieces, so each one of us could enjoy a little bit of fresh peach fruit. But for right now, I’m enjoying these beautiful pinkish peach blossoms. 🌸🐰🌷

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