The Allergy Relief Blend


Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon Essential Oils promote allergy relief.

Now, that Spring is here, the allergies are at its height-point in our house. Several years ago, I found out about an essential oil blend, when diffused it promotes relief during the allergy season. I’ve got a couple of candle diffuser and a wax melting diffuser. For the candle diffuser I use distilled water and 2 drops of each lavender, lemon, and peppermint oil. Since the wax melting diffuser doesn’t get warm enough for diffusing the oils in water, I melt one tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil and add the EOs. Since we use this blend, my family and I can breathe better, we sneeze less, and it smells good in the house.

Note: I do NOT promote ingestion of any kind of essential oil, nor do I promote to use it neat on skin. I always dilute my essential oils with a carrier oil. Also I recommend to do research, before using essential oils around children under the age of 10 years and around pets.


Spring In Our Backyard

At this morning, Mrs. Rabbit was nibbling on some henbit. Yeah, that’s much better than nibbling on my cabbage, lettuce, and radishes. I was surprised, how close she let me come to her. She let me approach her to 2 feet distance between us, before she hopped away. Usually she does that, when she has her babies very close by. Maybe, I’m going on a nest search this afternoon. The grass and Spring weeds got pretty high. And Kevin mentioned, he wanted to mow the lawn this weekend. Looking for a bunny nest, might be a very good idea. 🌸🐰🌷

When Mrs. Rabbit was on the other side of the yard, I checked my trees for blooms. The Bradford Pear trees bloom for a few days, now. And my peach tree has some blossoms as well. Hmmm, I see peaches in the future. Unless the squirrel is not sharing well, again. He ate four of the five peaches last year. At the end, I split the last peach in four pieces, so each one of us could enjoy a little bit of fresh peach fruit. But for right now, I’m enjoying these beautiful pinkish peach blossoms. 🌸🐰🌷