American Robin

Spring has definitely arrived in Texas. I see a lot more courting American Robins. It always amuses me, when they hop, jump, fly in close circles and do their mating dance. Here are a couple of photos I captured of a couple of robins, on my walk by the lake.


First Day of March

Yay, it’s March! Wow, it’s already March. Where did the last two months go? Well, on a good note: Today is the first day of the Meteorological Spring (the astrological Spring begins March 20/Equinox). I went out and got more seeds, I ran out off the last season. This time, I put also some different seeds into the mix. So, the next couple of days I’ll probably spend a good portion of my time in sowing seeds. I’m so excited! 🍆🌻🍅


I added more seeds to my collection, today.

I also noticed, that my Firewheel/Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella) began to bloom three months (!) earlier, than it does out in the prairie. I was wondering, how that could have happened. We still get frosty mornings. It seems a little bit out of place at this time of the year. But Katelynn said something very interesting: “Mom, you have the Firewheel in our yard. The roots are surrounded by mulch to keep them warm and cozy. No wonder, it blooms so early. Out in the prairie, these flowers are not protected as nicely. It takes them longer to come up. And your plant is already established and green.” Ha, and my thirteen-year-old seems to make a lot of sense. I just hope, they keep blooming through the whole Spring/Summer season. ❤


Beautiful Firewheel /Indian Blanket in my frontyard