2017, In The Garden

Busy Wednesday

At this morning, I had the exterminator coming to my house for a routine check up on the termite traps. We also have “Sandy Cheeks” living in our attic for a while. And every time, we check upstairs, she’s nowhere to be found. Well, I also make it very easy for her. She lives in paradise in my yard: She has a shelter, fresh bird seeds and peanuts every morning, and her boyfriend shows up at least once or twice a day. If I was a squirrel, I call that “I have it made”.

After Pest Control left, I went to the nursery to get more Spring flowers for my garden. I know, I’m addicted to beautiful plants. What can I say? 😉

In the evening, I helped out one of the ladies with her garden plot to get planted in the Community Garden. Hopefully, we also fixed the problem with fire ants in her own garden.

Here is a photo of a beautiful Creeping Myrtle/Periwinkle, I got from the nursery today:

Creeping Myrtle ~ Periwinkle

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