Grilling And Gardening

Kevin had some chicken thighs on the grill, while we were working in the garden. And it smelled sooo good. It made us hungry.


Hmmm, chicken thighs on Kevin’s new toy.

I got more cabbages and mustard greens planted in the first raised bed, due to Mrs. Rabbit and Mrs Cottontail “mowing” the first batch down, which I planted in January. They left my onions alone. That’s a plus point. Since I’m tired of replacing vegetables plants, Kevin helped me to put some chicken wire around the garden beds. If a rabbit wants to get to my cabbage, it will get to my cabbage. But it will take the rabbit some mathematics and good back legs to jump over this obstacle.


Kevin helped getting the chicken wire around the raised beds, to prevent the rabbits from eating my cabbages.

I also sent Kevin to the store to get more soil and mulch for the third raised bed. In the meantime, I’ve got some weeds pulled up, and laid out more card board, before the bed got filled in with: six bags of manure, six bags of topsoil, and one big bag of Miracle Gro. Now, the bed is full and can settle over the next few days. I will plant more cool season plants in that bed, before Summer is coming, and I’ll use it for some sunflowers, cucumbers and other goodies.


The front left raised bed is filled in with soil.

When we were done with the raised bed, the chicken legs were done on the grill. We had some mashed potatoes and vegetables with it. Now, I’m happy! The work for today got done, and our tummies are full. 🙂