Planting The Cool Season Vegetables in The Colony Community Garden

At this morning, the soil was workable enough to plant the cool season vegetables and some more flowers for attracting pollinators in the Community Garden. Since the two ladies, I’m working with at this beautiful new spot on the First United Methodist Church property, couldn’t work on their own plot, I used the opportunity to start mine today. That way I could figure out, how I want to plant this bed. We have a lot more work to do next week. My greenhouse is full of plants, which need to get planted into the raised beds.

Right now, I have mustard greens (Ruby streak, Mizuna, Florida Broadleaf), cabbages (Red, White, Napa), cauliflower, Romaine lettuce, broccoli, kale, leek, yellow onions, snow peas, bok choy, Texas Bluebonnets, calendula, and hollyhocks in the Community raised bed. I also put some seeds for carrots and radishes down. Once the cool season vegetables are mature and can be harvested, the warm season crop will be planted in the garden. The beautiful thing about living in Texas is, we can garden year around. This means, we will have fresh food all year. Isn’t this exciting? 😀