Heater In The Morning; A/C In The Afternoon

A year and a half ago, my neighbor moved from the Arkansas River Valley to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. While the weather in Arkansas seems to be steady, Mother Nature shows a little bit more of her “bi-polar” side in Texas at this time of the year. “Is this normal, having the heater on in the morning, and crank up the A/C in the afternoon?”, she asked me while shaking her head in disbelieve of this crazy weather. I laughed, and said: “Yep, this is a typical North Texas Winter. Heater in the morning; Air conditioner in the afternoon.” I remembered asking my husband the same question, 13 years prior. And he gave me the same answer. Coming straight from a Franconian town in Germany, I couldn’t believe it either. I left Germany with a pair of long johns, arrived in Texas with snow on the ground. And a week later, I walked around in shorts. What are the odds?

So, at this morning I’m freezing my tail end off. Because it is cold, and frost is laying on the ground. And at this afternoon, we suppose to get warm upper 60s. Tomorrow, we suppose to be back in the 70s, again. This is perfect weather to get some garden work done. By that time we are also tried out a little bit, before another rain front should come through DFW on Sunday. Well, let’s enjoy the warm temperatures while we can. Texas Summers are no joke. When the thermometer raises to 100+ Fahrenheit for weeks in and weeks out, it will put a lot of strain on many people. Hopefully, we won’t have many electricity blackouts, as we did in previous years.


Frosty February Morning in North Texas