Cool Season Vegetables In Our Local Community Garden

Last week we volunteers got a few raised beds laid out and filled with soil in the Community Garden. Today, we mixed in some good vegetable soil and planted some marigolds. The marigold prevents the Five-spotted Hawk Moth to lay eggs on the tomatoes, later in the season. Tomato Hornworms can be pesky and eat a whole plant in one night. Yep! They are that hungry.

But while the marigold establishes its roots in the Community Garden, I started seeds for this cool season back in mid-January. The cabbages, mustard greens, Chinese greens, onions and other goodies come along very well. It suppose to rain, tomorrow. The rain will settle the soil and helps mixing it together.

At the end of the week, we volunteers will go back to start planting the cool season vegetables in the Community Garden. These vegetables will feed people in need of food in our community. We want to provide fresh food in combination with other foods for these families. Because we believe, everyone should have access to fresh vegetables and fruits. ❤


Ruby-streaked Mustard Greens are only one of the many plants, which will be planted in the Community Garden.