LLELA ~ Hiking The Bittern Marsh Trail

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA), again. This time I hiked the Bittern Marsh Trail, which is on the eastside of the Elm Fork Trinity River, right below the Lewisville Lake dam.

The Bittern Marsh Trail is a 2.1 mile long self-guided trail. It includes wetlands and ponds, which can be accessed by boardwalk, through a mature bottomland hardwood forest. There are also observation blinds for waterfowl watching at the Bittern Marsh.

When I walked along the river, I saw some Turkey Vultures sitting high up in the tree. An Osprey was enjoying its fresh caught fish in another tree across the river.

I didn’t see much wildlife at the Bittern Marsh, other than some songbirds. Maybe the wind had something to do with it. I didn’t even bother going to the High Blind. And when I was standing in the Low Observation Blind, I saw some waterfowl. But they were across the marsh, where they were more protected from the high gusts of wind.

As I approached the westside of the marsh, it got a little bit muddy. And I had to figure out, how to avoid getting too far into the mud. The crew or some hikers must have figured it out before I came through this area. There were some branches laid across some muddy spots. I slowly walked across them to get to drier ground, again. A wood thrush was welcoming me with its beautiful song, on the other side.

In the wooded area, I found fungus on some tree trunks. There is some fungus among us. 😉 A dainty sulphur butterfly landed on the fallen leaves, right next to me. The butterfly loved the warm rays of the Sun.

Back at the dam, an American Kestrel sat on a powerline overlooking the river right by the floodgate. The gate releases only 400 cfs of water. Not very many fishes are expelled from Lewisville Lake. The anglers seemed to have not much luck. And the osprey took the only fish, that came from the flood gate. Wildlife 1 – Anglers 0 😉

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