A Not-so-wild Visitor

At this morning I found out, what drives Finley, Joshua, and especially Chewbacca crazy at night. The boys sound like, they are fighting each other. But the reason for all the commotion is a different one.

I was working on my daily photo postings on Facebook, when I looked outside the window and saw a cattail moving. I walked over to the patio door, to take a closer look. On the patio, a mourning dove had breakfast. And a little cat lady had her eyes focused on that bird. She didn’t care, I was standing behind the glass door. She actually meowed at me to let her inside. I said: “Oh no, Miss Kitty! You need to stay outside. There are three grown up cat boys, which would turn the house upside down. Because every one of them wants to be your boyfriend. (Granted, my boys are all fixed. But I don’t want them to get nuts over her and turn on each other.)” Now thinking about it, she might be Joshua’s girlfriend after all. As far as I know, the owners are my neighbors a few houses down the road.

Miss Kitty got bored sitting in front of the patio door, walked along the backside of the house, and jumped on top of the fence. She let me capture a photo of her. And she still gave me an intense look: “Are you sure, you don’t want me to come inside your house?” (I mean, she’s darn cute. But NO! And her owner might look for her.) Then she turned around and jumped down the fence into the alley. Maybe she comes back to watch birds, at another time. I just hope my cats are taking a nap, when the other cat is in my yard. I don’t know, if I can stand that screaming and growling too much longer.


Miss Kitty looks at me, before she jumped down from the fence into the alley.