Cooking With Quinoa

About three years ago, I discovered something very essential for my diet. Something I still haven’t figured out, how to pronounce it: Quinoa (maybe it is pronounced ‘kinwa’???).

Quinoa is a grain that grows in the South American Andes, where it was domesticated about 4,000 years, ago. The seeds contain important amino acids like lysine, and good quantities of iron, calcium, and phosphorus. It is the so-called ‘Superfood’, since it is high in protein and a great substitut in a vegetarian diet.

Since I wanted to cut back on eating meats, I gave Quinoa a shot. After looking for some recipes on the internet, I started cooking my first breakfast meal, “Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa”. It was very hearty and nutty. And it gave me lots of energy throughout the day. Yes, this was exactly what I needed. Here is the link for the recipe:


“Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa”

At that day, I had quite a bit of leftover. I made some “Quinoa Enchilada Casserole” for lunch. I was in heaven. Here is the link for the recipe:


“Quinoa Enchilada Casserole”

The rest of my family is not so fond of it. 😀 They rather prefer a steak or some chicken breasts with their meal. But in the future I will cook more recipes with Quinoa, as well. I just have to divide it in vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.