North Texas Backyard Wildlife In February (1)

The last several days, we had spring-like weather. The temperatures reached into the mid to upper 70s (24ºC – 26ºC) during the day. It was perfect weather to go out for a hike. Last night, we had a cold front coming in. And now the temperatures dropped into the mid 40s (8ºC). That’s a change of more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit (16ºC – 18ºC). The cooler front suppose to last only for a few days. And then we will be back to the warmer temperatures, again. Yep, North Texas is famous for its “Roller Coaster Weather” in Winter.

Due to the cooler temperatures, I gave the birds some food. It didn’t take five minutes before the Blue Jay showed up. And of course, he had to announce with a loud voice that it is LUNCHTIME. Quite a few birds flew into my yard. They were happy to enjoy some seeds. The squirrel heard the Blue Jay and came over for a snack as well. But first, it had to drink some water. The squirrel stretched towards the baby pool as far as it could to reach the water. Seconds later, it lost balance and fell into the pool. Wet and annoyed, the squirrel cleaned itself up, before it climbed back in the tree to see what’s for lunch. I think, the Blue Jay was laughing at the squirrel. He made a funny noise as he wanted to say: “Silly squirrel, you just fell in the pool and got all wet… LOL!” “Aren’t you a smart bird?!” The squirrel was not happy with the Blue Jay. And it kinda looked embarrassed into my lens. But it was glad, that it dried fast in this cold wind.

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