LLELA ~ Walking Along The River On Redbud Trail

Today, I went to the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) to see some American White Pelicans. I heard, that the flood gate is open at the dam. And lots of birds hang around that area to catch a fish or two. It’s also the spot for the pelicans to fish the easiest way. I watched a couple of these birds just waiting until a fish swam right into the pelicans’ beaks. Ha, that was easy! The cormorants, egrets, osprey, kingfisher, … etc. have to work a little bit harder for their meal. But when it is all in front of them, it shouldn’t be that hard.

I decided to walk on the Redbud Trail, which is along the westside of the river and leads to a campground. When I reached the area, where the campground supposed to be, I had to stop. Due to the open floodgate, the campground looks more like a swamp/marsh right now. The guy at the gate told me earlier, that the floodgate is open to prevent the lake from flooding as much as it did in 2015. The Belted Kingfisher seemed to like this shallow spot. Because he made quite some noise in the tree top. It sounded like, he wanted to annouce, that there is more fish in that “bowl”. I stayed for a little while to observe other birds.

When I walked back towards the entrance of the trail, I spotted an osprey in the air. The osprey had back up from another osprey. They both flew back and forth and scanned the water for fish, fresh from Lewisville Lake.

Some people used this beautiful day to go angling and catch some dinner for themselves. They sat on the water’s edge and relaxed, while listening to the sound of the discharged lake water coming through that gate.