The Mediterranean House Gecko

In the warmer months of the year we have those little geckos running all over our house walls. They come out, when it is dark and the outdoor light are on. And the bugs are buzzing around, which are attracted to the lights. The geckos love to feast on these insects. During the day, the geckos spend their time in the cracks of our house walls or in the firewood pile. My kids love to catch and play with them. My cats do the same. But unfortunately when the play is over, the cats sink their teeth in and kill them. Not seldom, I find a dismembered gecko in the garage or in front of our pantry. Gross, I know! But, that’s what my cats do. I can’t fight their instincts.

How the Mediterranean gecko made its way in the USA, is uncertain. The first time the species was reported in Florida in 1915. The theory is a trading ship came from the Mediterranean to the ports of the US, and therefore that’s how the gecko got to the North American continent.

The Mediterranean gecko seems to be very resistant to pesticides. Therefore it has established a great population in the Southern United States. It seems to populate more in the cities; but not very many have been found in the country. Scientists believe that this species of geckos need human structures and might not survive the native forests.

Well, that explains why the Mediterranean ‘house’ gecko loves to dwell in and around our house and enjoys those juicy bugs. And they eat these pesky mosquitoes, too. Win-win! 😉


Mediterranean House Gecko