Josey Ranch Lake (1)

Last night, I looked online for a location to find mute swans in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. It guided me to this little gem of nature, hidden behind a senior living center in Carrollton.

When I arrived at the lake, I was excited to see three mute swans swimming on the lake. I haven’t seen one in the wild, since I left Germany 13 years ago. It brought back a lot of childhood memories. I used to walk with my parents on trails along the Main River in Würzburg. We always went with a baggy full of old, cubed bread down to the river. The swans and the Mallards seemed to enjoy the bread. Especially on a cold January day, when the river was frozen over, and the birds had a harder time to find food.

Josey Ranch Lake seems to be the home and migration “Rest Area” for a lot of waterfowl. Next to the swans, I saw ring-billed seagulls, cormorants, Canada geese, and a variety of ducks. They all enjoyed the warmth of the sun at this cool, windy morning.

The park has a bigger lake, a smaller lake and a spillover lake/pond, which are surrounded by concrete trails and clean picnic areas. I spent about an hour at the park. As I mentioned before, it was cool and windy this morning. But I definitely will come back and visit for more wildlife photography in the future.